We work with independant filmmakers on a case by case basis. If you have creative ideas for short films, music videos and documentaries, email us.

Equipment List

Canon EOS 60d DLSR - Full HD 1080p
Libec LS38M(2A) Tripod System with H38 Fluid Head

Canon ES 2.8 USM 20mm
Canon ES 2.8 24mm
Canon ES 2.8 28mm
Canon ES 1.8 USM 28mm
Canon ES 2.0 35mm
Canon ES 1.8 USM 50mm
Canon ES 2.5 50mm Macro
Canon ES 2.8 135mm Soft Focus

Tokina Wide Angle 2.8 12mm-16mm 
Canon ES 70mm - 210mm
Canon IS ESF 18mm - 135mm

Tiffen Low Contrast and Ultra Contrast
Tiffen Pro Mist  and Black Pro Mist
Tiffen Black and Gold Diffusion and Soft FX

Quiet On The Set... Lights! Camera! Action!