The Michaelmas Observatory

  • We conduct serious amateur astronomical research at the Michaelmas Observatory.  Our 12" Meade Schmidt-Cassagrain and Celestron 8" telescopes monitor solar sunspot cycles,  lunar crater and mountain range activity,  planetary changes and asteroid anomalies,  and local stellar and galactic brightness changes.  Amateur astronomical research is responsible for many important discoveries in recent years.  Donations to help fund this research are needed and appreciated.  We have produced actual film footage of many well known lunar features and hope to be publishing it soon. This remarkable film gives you a feeling of actually flying over the lunar surface.  Check back to this page for more details.  Thank you for your support.

The Star Project

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Meade 12" Schmidt- Cassagrain Telescope

Astronomical Essays

Please check back to this page for essays we will soon be posting concerning recent astronomical topics and research.